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(Future) Bestselling Author

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Story of Rose Rayne Rivers

Manifesting Dreams into reality...

Rose Rayne Rivers (RRR) has always been passionate about writing and storytelling, and she loves reading even more.


Her favorite genre to read or write you ask? Steamy romance novels… the more she blushes, the more she loves them.


Her first project, The Cupcake Cowboy, was inspired by her true life love story with her husband whom she’s been living out her happily ever after for over twenty years.


Her nom de plume is a compilation of the tiny humans who hold her entire heart in their hands—her kids.


She began writing later in life when inspired by her oldest to follow the advice she had been pedaling for years-chase your dreams at full speed, no matter how implausible they seem.

Notebook and Pen

The Cupcake Cowboy

NOW AVAILABLE on Kindle!!!





Why is it that romance always seems to find you when you’re avoiding it like a salty spinach cupcake...


Kaytlyn is a curvy, sassy waitress with more hang-ups than the average twenty-year-old, so romance is the last thing on her agenda. That is until the pesky regular customer—who she can't seem to convince she's uninterested—introduces her to his handsome, blue-eyed, best friend.


Blayke is a successful restaurateur, but building a prosperous business in Nashville leaves little time for much else, especially relationships. He never imagined he’d have an instant connection to his best friend’s crush. But his attraction will have to be overlooked because bro-code labels her off-limits.

What do you get when you mix a gorgeous, cowboy hat-wearing bachelor, with a cupcake-loving waitress whose life was such a mess she ran away from it? 

Maybe a recipe for romance…

The Cupcake Cowboy is the first book in the Nashville Singles Series and will be available for preorder soon, with a release date of March 22, 2024!

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Want to know more about the Nashville Singles? Click 'Current Projects' below to see a short description of each book

Now available on Kindle Unlimited & Paperback

Irish Whiskey

How long is too long to hold onto somebody who's already gone?

Sarah’s a small-town pub owner with enough emotional baggage to fill a 747—which is probably exactly what she should do. But tied down by chains from her past, she can't leave her pub, she can't leave her town, and most importantly, she can't leave her husband.



Jameson’s a blue-collar Irishman with a checkered past that sent him dodging bullets across the Atlantic. When guilt and secrets send him hurling toward the most remote place he can find, he’s determined to start a new life all on his own.



Until she stumbles in…

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Book Bundles

The Cupcake Cowboy AND Irish Whiskey


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For a limited time, get your  favorite book as a bundle which includes:

Signed Copy of the paperback Irish Whiskey/Cupcake Cowboy


Book Stickers

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Now Available on Kindle Vella!

Someone's Always Watching

Jenny's day started with expectations for a perfect beach picnic, on a warm summer day, with her five-year-old son and her husband. But when hours pass, and she can't remember where they went, Jenny embarks on a terrifying quest to not only find out what happened to her son and husband, but also why she's covered in blood and can't remember an entire day. Will she be able to find them, and who in the world is the strange dark figure who appears out of nowhere to 'help' her?

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Reviews & Testimonials

From the Source

"...I definitely recommend that you remember Rose Rayne Rivers and her novel The Cupcake Cowboy... look for it at all your favorite book retailers."

Read full review Here

Rachel Roy-
(Advanced Copy Reader-Author/Editor)

"I loved Kaytlyn and Blayke not to mention their friends. This book was easy enjoyable and just the right amount of erotic. Couldn't put it down. Can't wait to read more RRR!"

(Advanced Copy Reader-Avid Romance Reader)

"Cupcake Cowboy was a fun, easy read. The characters were relatable and I fell in love with Kaytlyn and her sexy beau, Blayke. Looking forward to reading more from Rose Rayne Rivers"

(Advanced Copy Reader-Avid Reader)

"I'm from Texas and I love a good cowboy romance. Cupcake Cowboy nailed it! Blayke is a hunk who will linger in your head... Kaytlyn has been through so much and deserves that handsome cowboy... Oh, the sexual tension! They can't get enough of each other and I can't get enough of this book! SO good and can't wait to read more from [Rose Rayne Rivers]!"

-Bethany Katcher
(Advanced Copy Reader-Author)
Visit Bethany's website

Traditional Library

“...If a book is well written, I always find it too short.”

Jane Austen


Get in touch to discover more about the writings of Rose Rayne Rivers and to follow her literary adventures.

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