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This page lists all the links to everything you need to know about RRR!

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The Cupcake Cowboy Cover.jpg

The Cupcake Cowboy is now available on Kindle/Paperback!

Both the sexy and discreet covers of Irish Whiskey are available now on Kindle Unlimited! 

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Avaliable NOW!

Someone's Always Watching is RRR's first project and is available to read on Kindle Vella!  It's a twisty thriller/mystery that will keep you guessing until the bitter end. Click the button below to read it!


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The Cupcake Cowboy (Book one of the Nashville Singles Series) went live on March 22, 2024. Click the link below to order on Kindle/Paperback


RRR's Blog, My Two Cents,  is full of helpful information, tons of short stories, tips for writers and a bunch of stories that are sure to make sure you never feel alone in your writing journey! Get caught up by clicking below!

Literary Publications

RRR has several published works on and you can read them all here! 

Included are a steamy romance short story, and a humourous retelling of Goldilocks and the Three bears from Goldi's point of view!

Current Projects

Find out about all the projects on the horizon for RRR!

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Every month we give away FREE BOOKS to our subscribers! If you want a chance to win, all you have to do is sign up below! Make sure you follow us on Instagram so you won't miss your chance to claim your prize!

Available now!

RRR's Debut romance novella IRISH WHISKEY went live 9/22/23

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