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The Nashville Singles Series

is a four-manuscript collection each in various stages of completion.


Each book in the standalone series centers on a different diverse couple of beautifully flawed main characters in a tight-knit group of friends who ultimately become family. They are all Dual-POV and explore romance that celebrates the characters' flaws as a reason to be loved instead of something to be overcome. 

Aside from the romance, readers enjoy the strong friendships that are forged between the female main characters who support each other unconditionally and build each other up instead of putting each other down. As well as the modern Alpha male main characters who understand feelings don't make them weak and strong women don't diminish their manhood.


Learn more about each book in the series below:

Rose Rayne's Works in Progress

Curious about what RRR's been up to? See all her current works in progress...

What's the Point: Aside from just spinning a good romance story, RRR develops real characters who experience real-world issues. Find out what they are by reading the "What's the Point" section of each work...

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What's the Point:

Kaytlyn is a curvy, body-positive heroine and RRR hopes to show readers that we aren't all a size two, but we still deserve love. Also, Kaytlyn's past is messy, and the story explores the importance of finding a balance of self-reliance and allowing for support from the people around you. It's found family trope also stresses the importance of understanding family isn't always defined by DNA. RRR's goal is to normalize real characters, with real insecurities and doubts, because that's real life, so we should be creating and celebrating beautifully-flawed influences in media and literature.


The Cupcake Cowboy

THE CUPCAKE COWBOY is Rose Rayne's most current and first work in progress. It's the first in the series and will be released on Amazon on March 22, 2024. You can now read a full description and leave a review (if you've already read it) on Goodreads

Why is it that romance always seems to find you when you're avoiding it like a salty spinach cupcake...

Kaytlyn is a curvy, sassy waitress with more hang-ups than the average twenty-year-old, and she's not looking for romance--until a handsome, blue-eyed, cowboy sits down in the corner booth.

Blayke is a successful restaurateur who never imagined he would have an instant connection with his best friend's crush--whom bro-code labels completely off-limits.


Book 2 Nashville Singles Series



Book 2 Nashville Singles Series


What's the Point:

With this book, RRR hopes to normalize the prioritization of mental health and the acceptance of overcoming trauma in a way that makes sense to the victim. It also explores reproductive struggles and the inherent trauma associated with them for both women and men.

Book two is still revealing its title to RRR, but it centers on Kaytlyn's (from the Cupcake Cowboy) best friend Ally and her handsome, Latin Clark Kent look-alike, PR exec boyfriend Joshua. Their journey to romance takes a few encounters, and some serious persistence from Joshua to even get off the ground. Like book one, you'll find several hilarious twists and even more embarrassing run-ins with our favorite supporting celebrity cast members. Ally has a lot of work to do to grow into be the loveable best friend we met in The Cupcake Cowboy. With the support of the ever strong and supportive Joshua--who has managed to create a strong foundation despite overwhelming odds--she learns that everyone's struggles are valid, no matter what their station in life, and she grows as a human with help from a therapist and by learning from Joshua's example.  She also learns, the beginning of a love story isn't the end because she and Joshua have a lot of hurdles to overcome before they truly find their happily ever after.


Chance Encounters

Holding Hands

What's the point:

With this Book, RRR explores the dangers of social media and technology as well as the complex nature of navigating and maintaining a public image-plus how its difficulties are different for men vs women. It also explores the ability of men to be victims and the inherent struggle for strong alpha males in accepting that label.

Book 3 in the series is a little bit of a departure for RRR. While her signature style of romance, with a splash of sexy and a dash of comedy, still takes focus there is an ere of mystery. It centers on Joshua's (from book 2) hunky, dreamboat, foster brother, Jacob. His charismatic, at times nearly asshole-y, charms do their best to win over Christa; a spunky, slightly-older, talent agent. She tries hard to resist the tall, tawny, man-candy that is Jacob; but her defenses become weakened by his uncanny ability to win her over, just like nearly everyone who meets the smartass, business tycoon. Like Joshua, Jacob's success in life has come despite overwhelming obstacles which make his gruff exterior well earned, but just the beginning of his complexity. He faced multiple challenges in early life and the journey to looking for Mrs. Right is rife with bad decisions-especially in the dating department. Christa and Jacob's journey begins before they even actually meet, and it takes some wild unexpected twists and turns fueled by some 'old-fashioned' social media drama. Put your seatback in their upright and locked positions, because this one will be a funny, scary, crazy ride.


The Ball Dropped at Midnight

Happy New Year champagne toast couple in Times Square New York City.jpg

What's the point:

Henry's journey is one of self-discovery and RRR hopes to give an insightful, honest look into the struggles faced by members of the LGBTQ+ community when navigating their own identities through different groups of people in their lives.

Book four in the Nashville Singles series is one of RRR's favorites-so much so, she toyed with the idea of trying to get it published first. The series is truly standalone and could be read in any order without the reader getting confused, but she loves the way her characters are introduced over time, so she is sticking with her original plan to release them in order (unless her future agent or publisher-who undoubtedly has more knowledge-convinces her otherwise).


This book centers on one of the characters who appears in all three of the first books-Henry. He is a mysterious conundrum of a supporting character and the person most asked about by early readers. To avoid spoilers, we won't introduce his love interest, but suffice it to say, it won't be whom you think! The Ball Dropped at Midnight starts years before the Cupcake Cowboy and overarches all of the three previous stories, which is why RRR feels it is best served as a final chapter in the Singles Series... 


Don't Worry, there's more...


The Nashville Singles Series ends at Book 4 with Henry's story, but don't worry, our favorite characters have more to say...

RRR wants to write a series that centers on the married couples from the Singles Series including Jessica & David, MJ & Mark, and Wes & Chelsea. Plus maybe Paul & Chandler and Patricia & Betty. Life doesn't end at the happily ever after and though RRR is a romance junky, her characters are real, everyday humans, so neither should their stories. This series would tell about the time before the Singles Series, when the couples experienced their courtship, but only as a precursor to the struggles that face them after they get married.

RRR also envisions a series centered on our favorite athletes from the Singles Series; our friends from the Nashville Predators hockey team and the background character's in every book--Drew and Craig. Their lovable personalities and witty charm will earn them their own series, but RRR hasn't dug too deep into where this series will take her yet. Like Book 2's title, its path is still revealing itself...


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