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Why is it that romance always seems to find you when you’re avoiding it like a salty spinach cupcake...


Kaytlyn is a curvy, sassy waitress with more hang-ups than the average twenty-year-old, so romance is the last thing on her agenda. That is until the pesky regular customer—who she can't seem to convince she's uninterested—introduces her to his handsome, blue-eyed, best friend.


Blayke is a successful restaurateur, but building a prosperous business in Nashville leaves little time for much else, especially relationships. He never imagined he’d have an instant connection to his best friend’s crush. But his attraction will have to be overlooked because bro-code labels her off-limits.


What do you get when you mix a gorgeous, cowboy hat-wearing bachelor with a cupcake-loving waitress whose life was such a mess she ran away from it? 


Maybe a recipe for romance…

The Cupcake Cowboy

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