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Guest Blogger-Zolund (Zee) Lee

Hello there my lovelies! This week we're hosting guest blogger Zolund (Zee) Lee! He's an actor/writer and his short story is an interesting read

About Zee:

Zee is an author/actor/whatever. He likes to tell stories, be it through literature, film, or whatever other medium he can get his hands on. He'll try anything, as long as it works. You can find him on his website where he posts a lot of his work.

He's also on Instagram:

Thanks for reading my lovelies! I hope you enjoy Zee's story and I'll be back next week!


-Rose Rayne Rivers


Author: Zolund (Zee) Lee

Title: My Last Day, With You

A young man made his way beside the park, with nothing but the grass shifting with the soft breeze. He had bags beneath his eyes and a prominent cowlick in his hair, but the boy bore it with calm demeanor. He held his mother’s favorite quilt under his thick jacket as he moved along, remembering his childhood, asleep on the couch underneath it.

Those memories felt like a lifetime ago. He was his own man now, living in an apartment in the city, far from his parent’s homestead. He worked full-time as a waiter while taking online classes in the mornings. Today, however, the young man had a rare day off.

He saw a pair of large trees across the way. Their orange leaves rustled in the wind, peeling away from their hosts before skating across the lively grass. Between the trees, the boy saw the love of his life, a girl with braided brown hair hanging over her shoulder and dark oval glasses guiding her gaze. She sat at the base of the trees in a long, flowery skirt and an overcoat, reading a short novel as she waited.

The boy called out to her, and as she realized his presence, the girl smiled, hiding her nervousness. She slowly stood, using the tree to keep her balance, and grasped a basket standing by her side. She had worked all night to make the food within, so she had to do everything she could to stay awake now.

Since her love was here, conversing with him was much more helpful than reading. They greeted each other in their usual way, with the boy kissing the girl’s hand and complimenting her outfit and the girl blushing in response before displaying it in a curtsy. It was always a corny affair, but they loved it anyway. He asked what she was reading, and she happily shared the details of the fantastical youth novel she had enjoyed for the last few days.

The young man set down the quilt, patterned with intricate designs emulating fearsome beasts from stories the boy grew up with. Gazing upon them again, he remembered his mother telling him of heroes facing monsters of terrifying proportions, triumphing against them in the end.

The girl noticed his somber expression and took his hand, giving him a warm smile before setting the basket atop the quilt. The young man smiled back, and they sat down together.

They opened the basket and pulled the wrapped food out, revealing egg salad sandwiches and homemade french fries. The girl drew a bottle of tea alongside twin cups, pouring a drink for the both of them.

The pair drank, ate, and conversed as if they hadn’t done so in years. By the time they lost topics to speak of, the grass had calmed, and the leaves laid still. Yet, despite their happy date, the two sat solemnly now. The boy looked to the sky, sullen. Rapid clouds had blotted the sun, and the park was shrouded in shadow.

Quiet sobs finally broke the silence. Tears rolled down the young man’s cheeks as he held his mouth shut. The girl instinctively grabbed him and held him close. He wrapped his arms around her as if she was the only thing left in the world, and she let her tears loose as well.

The couple remained there for some time, confiding in themselves and each other. Then, above, they heard the terrible echoes of the heavens tearing themselves apart. The young man opened his eyes to see a gaping hole in the sky, leading to an oblivion he couldn’t know.

The couple watched the abyss swallow the clouds in a swirling storm. Their grip on each other tightened as a chill emerged in the air. The boy looked to his love. Her eyes were still red from the tears, and he could see more welling up as she met his gaze.

His thoughts left him, reflecting on the life he had lived. Happy childhood days. Restless weeks through school. Months gone by between jobs. And only a few years with her in this park.

He imagined his future with her. Dream jobs built from love, and a home to call their own. Children running through the house, growing up too fast. None of it would come to be. The boy knew that everything ended here. He looked again to the sky, and the terrible maw that devoured everything. He shuddered and held another sob.

In an instant, the young man felt a warm, soft touch on his lips. The girl wrapped her arms tighter around him, tears flowing freely through shut eyes.

The boy’s surprise took him for just a moment before he gave himself to her. He closed his eyes, and remembered that they chose to be here for these final moments. Together. He matched her embrace as the swirling wind swept into their skin.

As they pulled apart, the cold air rushed in between them, and they hugged for the last time. They held onto each other through the darkening sky, with tears of sadness, of love, and of peace, as the world fell apart around them.

As they faded away, they knew only of each other, and the heart they shared in life.

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