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Kaila's Advanced Copy Review-The Cupcake Cowboy

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

The following review was filled out by Kaila. She received a free advanced copy of THE CUPCAKE COWBOY and was encouraged to give her honest feedback on the story. She says she's read hundreds of romance books, and enjoys books by authors like Helen Hardt, KA Linde, Mira Lyn Kelly, JD Robb, Claire Kingsley, Susan Stocker, Janet Evanovich, Sarina Bowen, Nana Malone, Lyndsay Sands.

WARNING This review may contain spoilers. If you wish to remain in the dark, please be mindful!

Below are images of her responses to the Review Form provided to her.

(Portions of the review form related to her privacy and directed directly to the author were left off. These items did not contain any review information or anything relating her overall opinion of the book)

Her suggestions will be addressed during formatting.

Thank you so much to Kaila for providing her feedback! We appreciate her overall impression and can't wait to share more books with her.

If you too would like to read/review THE CUPCAKE COWBOY and any future books by Rose Rayne Rivers, please head on over to our Review page and fill out the form to join the ARC team!

Happy Tuesday Loves!

-Rose Rayne Rivers

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