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My two cents on Resources

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

Hey there reader(s)! I say reader, because today that’s probably all I have, but soon I think the (s) will apply! Anyway, Happy Thursday, we’re almost there! Unless you’re the kind of person who has to work weekends, and then the Friday feeling means nothing to you…

Anyhoo… Today I’m giving you my two cents on Resources.

Okay so this post will probably be pretty short, but I am going to include a ton of links that I have found SO helpful along the way. I want to be clear that I don’t know these people, this is no kind of promotion or endorsement of any kind. I just found their articles, sites, communities, etc. helpful, and I hope that maybe you will too!

I am going to start by saying, finding resources when writing and then trying to get published is so imperative! As much as you want to think you do, you do not know everything, so take advice from others and get better, it will help you get to your goals faster! Don’t be too proud to admit you don’t know it all… I’m definitely not, heck it’s one of my mottos remember? I don’t know anything!

A resource that is blowing my mind this week is something I actually found while I was browsing through Query Tracker. Side note - If you aren’t familiar, Query tracker is a website that lists agents and publishers and how to submit them. ( Query Tracker is another resource, but it isn’t the one I started this paragraph to talk about, but since I did, I figured I’d link to it too. It’s completely free, but you can upgrade to a premium plan for like $20 a year that lets you more easily sort/filter and gives you upgraded information on the agent/publisher responses. I think it’s worth the $20 or whatever it is, but you decide…

Ok so the resource I found through Query Tracker is actually an Agent’s website. Her name is Colleen Oefelein, and she has blog post which gives SO MANY resources (Manuscript formatting, genre definitions, synopsis help, query help, pitch information, and so much more). Her blog has about 50 or so links on it

All of the links on her blog are so helpful, so I encourage you to look through them, but the one which has been so helpful to me this week is: I thought my manuscript was in really good shape, but after reading and applying only a few of these editing tips I have made it at least 25% better. For example, did you know that in speech we use a ton of extra ‘that.’ I literally just did it! The sentence is better if you say “‘For example, did you that know in speech we use a ton of extra ‘that.’” It doesn’t seem like a big deal until you examine an entire manuscript. I looked through ten chapters of mine and found over 200 superfluous ‘thats.’ I’m serious-OVER 200! That’s crazy! There are a ton of other tips in her article, I can’t say enough… Read it, ingest it and you can thank me later!

Ok, another resource I have found beyond helpful this week is Specifically, I used the the blog post about “How to Write a 1-page Synopsis.” Thanks to @jamarshauthor on Instagram for hooking me up with that resource! My synopsis is SO MUCH BETTER! It’s hard to follow the guideline, but do it, it’s worth it!

Also, I’ve been reading through a ton of the resources on There is a really cool community on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter which is just so helpful and engaging and I can’t say enough about how great they are, so look them up!

So my last thoughts on resources is, don’t get them all from one spot. Keep your eyes peeled for any and all helpful input. There is so much out there!

I’m just going to put a ton of links down below for resources I found helpful, and you can do with that what you will:





Critique Partners

Also, since I’m talking about other people’s blogs/resources I figure I’ll take this time to say, I got my very first Advanced Reader Review that was posted by a freelance editor/author Rachel Roy who beta read my current WIP. It was so kind and helpful I just want to put it here so you can all take a look.

So that’s it! That’s my two cents on Resources. Find them, use them, love them and pay it forward!

Have a good night friends!

-Rose Rayne Rivers


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