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My Two Cents on Guest Bloggers—AGAIN!

Happy Sunday my Lovelies! I hope you enjoyed Lashun’s guest blog last week! In that vein, this week, we're talking guest bloggers for 2024 and giving you My Two Cents on Guest bloggers—Again!

Submissions are now open!!!!

First of all, I've created a new submission form for 2024. One big change you'll see this year is that you don't have to submit your story along with your submission! I want to plan my calendar, so if you have an interest in submitting, please fill out the form and include the date you think it will be done. This year, we've also allowed you to put your preferred publication month in the form. I know we're all busy, and planning and timing are essential, so this year we’re letting you tell us when would be a good time for your article/story to appear! If you want to post close to a release date, or you have something else to hype, then choose the month that makes the most sense and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. 

Next let's talk a little about benefits of being a guest blogger. First, it forces you to write! If you're in a rut, or even if you aren't, it forces you to write something, anything. Also, it often allows you to write something that might be out of your typical wheelhouse. Finally, it is a great way to open us both up to new audiences. This year I met many new friends through my guest bloggers, and they from me! The shared benefits could be a post all their own, so I won't belabor them, but suffice it to say, we are helping each other! 

Ok, now that I’ve covered what's different, and what you get from it, let's get to it! 

Some of the information contained in this post is repeated on the form, but we highly recommend reading all of the following, (even though it's a little wordy). It will make everything clear and probably answer all your questions.  Once you finish you can Submit Here

Again, this is pretty extensive so please read the submission guidelines here:


Thank you for your interest in submitting a post to Rose Rayne Rivers' blog "My Two Cents."

The blog is rounding year-three, and last year’s guest bloggers helped increase our presence and provided a more well rounded resource for new and established writers so we're doing it again in 2024. 

Submissions are open to authors of all skill levels, in any point of their journey as long as they're seeking publication on a public site. Our number one goal is to ensure any resources are well researched and accurate but also, we want to provide a safe place for authors to grow and share their skills and lessons. 

I know it's wordy, but please take time to read all the following. It will likely answer any/all questions you have and should help you determine if your submission will be a good fit.

What we're looking for:

We're looking for any and all posts about writing, reading, publishing, editing, or book reviews. We're also open to short story submissions, however, be warned that if you plan to simultaneously submit to other online contests, magazines, or blogs, some do not accept previously published works. 

We do not have any limitations on previously published works, and the creator retains all rights their own work (More on this later). We also don't have any restrictions on length, but we usually prefer to stay under about 2,000-3,000 words, (but this isn't a strict cut off).  

Writing resources/tools: If your submission is a writing resource/tool, any and all research should be noted and linked. This includes any articles, blogs, or books quoted in the piece, and anything read by the author that directly informed the piece. (Please don't use other people's knowledge without giving them credit) 

We're accepting resources for: 

--Writing (i.e. how to's and helpful tips)

--Publishing (i.e. tips for self/trad publishing, or resources on agents/presses, or querying)

--Editing (i.e. best practices or shortcuts, or information about professional editors)

--Etc (the list could be endless but you get the drift)

We also love an article that is simply meant to commiserate with other people in the same boat as you. If you read our posts, you'll notice that a fair bit is personal feelings about things that were learned through trial and error. So feel free to not try to be a "resource" for knowledge in the traditional sense, rather a resource for avoiding your own past mistakes/bumps in the road. Or a friend to someone that may feel alone in their journey.

Book Reviews:

We’re actively seeking more reviews in 2024, so priority will be given if you want to submit a review. 

Please note the header format of all reviews on our blog will be as follows:

Reviewing: Title of the Book

Reviewer: Your Name (or Pen Name)

Reviewer contactYour contact information @yourinformation (Instagram/Twitter/TikTok) &/or your website

Author: Author's name

Author Contact: @author's information (Instagram/Twitter/TikTok) &/or author’s website

Length of book: Word count/Page Count

Genre of book: Genre & Sub-genre (if you know) You could also include tropes here if you’d like (optional)

Publisher: Publisher Name (or self-published is also acceptable) or if it’s not yet published say that

Release Date: Release date (if ARC) or Published date (Not required if ARC/Beta)

Purchase Link: Link to the book (If desired, again, optional)  

Overall impression: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

(Please copy and paste and fill in the blanks)

The rest of the review is up to you, but note that for continuity, the header will look the same on every review and list the above items first. Also note, we will likely tag the author in the review, so be kind. 

We are open to reviews of all levels (1-5 stars) as long as the language is not overtly rude/demeaning (It's ok not to like something, it's not ok to be mean). We hope that you aren't being paid in any way for your review and expect that if you are given a free ARC copy, you say so somewhere in the review (preferably up front). We also expect that you say somewhere in the review that this is your opinion. Reviews of beta-reads are also accepted, but please be sure to clear it with the author first (we will ask you to provide evidence you've asked). 

Also, your opinion is your own, and whether we agree or disagree, all reviews will have the following (or something similar) distancing language listed at the top ("The following review was submitted by a third-party and any and all opinions listed within are those of the creator and not Rose Rayne Rivers.") We will reject submissions we deem unnecessarily rude or critical. (again, it's okay to hate something, it's not okay to be a hater).

Short Stories: If submitting a short story we're open to all topics and genres and all lengths are accepted but prefer a minimum of 1000 words. If you would like to submit poetry/prose shorter than 1000 words, please submit multiple that add up to close to 1000 words. If you have a burning desire to submit but you only have one poem, please do, but note we may wait to publish until we've received other submissions to post at the same time.

Short stories can be fiction/non-fiction, but non-fiction stories should be based on your personal experience and about topics that will not be deemed objectionable (i.e. we probably won’t post politically charged or religious pieces). Fiction pieces should be fully the writers work, and retellings are acceptable as long as the version doesn’t directly relate back to the original author. Also, any ©️should be noted and please steer clear of song titles/lyrics as much as possible.

Other: We're open to pretty much anything writing, reading, publishing, editing related. So if you aren't sure, please ask. 

Last year we had a professional editor, and several authors (of all experience levels). This year we hope to get more readers, editors, cover artists and people in all areas of the reading/writing community!

Please take time to read our previous blog posts so you understand the tone and audience of "My Two Cents." While we aren't looking for submissions that mirror or copy our previous works, there is a certain audience we cater to. (So basically, please read the room).

What we aren't looking for:

This blog is for readers/writers/editors, about reading, writing, or editing. SO we aren't looking for anything that doesn't have to do with reading, writing or editing. (I know that sounds silly to spell out, but we just want there to be no confusion).

We also won't accept anything that contains hate speech, racism, sexism, or any other type of bigotry or negativity of any kind. This blog is a safe space, and if you have sensitive writing, feel free to submit, but please make sure to include trigger warnings. 

The submissions team will also reject anything it deems controversial. This is subjective, and if this is the reason your submission is rejected, we will spell out our concerns and let you respond. However ultimately, the submissions team will make the final decision on whether your piece will be published.

We also aren't a children's blog. There is a fair bit of adult language/content, so we don't want to start posting children's stories/posts and have a child stumble upon something objectionable. BUT even though we're for adults, we do want to be a safe space. So if your work has triggers (or anything that could conceivably be perceived as a trigger) please let us know. It doesn't mean you'll be rejected, we will just likely add a warning.

Other things to note:

Your work should be fully edited prior to submission, and the post will be a word-for-word replica of your submission. We will take a cursory editing pass for light grammar/spelling but if the submission team decides anything needs to be altered/corrected it will be sent back to the creator to fix. Also, if the editing is determined to be too extensive, submissions will be rejected and returned (you are welcome to resubmit once editing is complete).

We reserve the right under certain circumstances to format submissions for continuity with our blog (i.e. as mentioned in reviews, there will be a header with the desired review information). In this case, the altered version will have to be approved by the author before it's posted.

By submitting, the creator agrees that all works are fully their own, and any and all resources used are noted and linked. We will run work through a plagiarism checker, but we are accepting the writer's word their work is their own, and not the product of another person's intellectual property.

The creator retains all rights to their work, and if for any reason they wish to withdraw a submission they are welcome to do so up to the point of publication. If they wish to withdraw after publication, "My Two Cents" agrees to take down the post from our site, but we aren't responsible for any linked/copied versions that may be available through other sources.

Rose Rayne Rivers/My Two Cents are only responsible for our own site, and while we will make every effort to protect your work, please know you are posting to a public site and we are not responsible for what our users do with your submissions, so please be mindful that submissions are made at your own risk.

We've asked for an author bio that will be posted underneath your blog post and if you have any social media, website or book links you'd like to include, please feel free to add them in this section if they aren't included in our questions.

We make every effort to start our titles with "My two cents on..." So please try to adapt to this if possible. For example: "Jenny's Two Cents on Why Being an Author is the Best Decision Ever..." (It's not required, but encouraged for sure).

What happens next:

When you click submit, you should receive confirmation and a copy of what you submitted. If you don't, it may not have gone through, so please either submit again or reach out to check.

Once your submission is reviewed, you will receive an email notifying you of your acceptance/rejection within eight weeks. If you don't receive a response, please feel free to reach out. 

If accepted, your work will be published within 90 days and you will be notified by email and tagged on social media when it is. (If for some reason you don't want to be tagged, please be sure to let us know). 


We're actively growing our membership and our goal by the end of 2023 is reach a broader audience of new and aspiring authors, so by submitting, you're agreeing not only to publication on our blog, but also to subscribe/become a member and encourage others to do the same. (Promotion on your author/personal social media pages is expected).

We will in turn promote your website, blog, book links, author bios, etc. We're all in this together folks, so lets help each other out!

Any questions/comments should be entered in the "Questions/Comments" section below, but you're also welcome to email us at 


So that's it folks! That's My Two Cents on Guest Bloggers! We hope to see your submission soon!

And one more times so you don't have to scroll up: Submit here

Happy blogging friends! 


-Rose Rayne Rivers

Comment below with any questions/comments!

Also, let me know if you have any topics you want me to cover in the upcoming weeks!


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