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My two cents on Inspiration

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

Hey there! It’s another beautiful day in writer land. Well, it’s winter, so actually it’s like a tundra, but you get my point. Anyway, today I’m giving my two cents on inspiration.

In all honesty, this post is more likely to be about whatever my crazy mind comes up with as I let the words fall out on the page, because I just can’t pretend I know more than I do right now. So hold onto your butts people, this may get weird…

So I guess I’ll start by saying, while I am, as yet, an unpublished writer, I don’t intend to stay that way (fingers crossed). Although, I have to say I’m starting to really love that button at the top of my blog page that says ‘Publish,’ because I feel the power! Anyway, when I talk about being an author one day, I feel like it is an attainable goal.

On my journey to becoming an author, I of course have shared my dream with people. Mostly friends and close family, but also some other writers, and two really nice musicians on a plane! (That’s a different story for a different day, but it’s a funny one). Anyway, along the way I have been asked–what is your motivation? Or why do you write? Honestly, I don’t know why, but I guess this blog will help me work it out, because that’s what writing does for me. Hey! Maybe that’s why?

In the beginning, I would say, I wrote just because. I think the spark came after I became a mom. I started journaling after I had my kids to help manage stress. I love being a mom-I talk about it enough-but it’s hard. People say all the time that ‘Nobody warns you how hard it will be,’ but I don’t think that’s true. I think people warn us-A LOT. We just don’t listen. We figure they’re being dramatic, or that it’s just their experience. I definitely think most of us think that it won’t be that way for us. Newsflash–It’s f*ck!ng hard!

Being a parent is one of the hardest (if not the hardest) jobs in the world. I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s hard for everyone. Even parents who do it part time, even the person who isn’t the primary parent, every parent. If people tell you it isn’t hard, I think they aren’t being honest with themselves or they are low-key narcissistic. Is that the one where you don’t have feelings or empathy? I’m not sure… but what I meant is- they actually have a mental health disorder that renders them unable to feel the full brunt of it being hard. Sorry if I got that diagnosis wrong, I’m not a doctor, and my quick research didn’t get me the answer.

Anyway, honestly it doesn’t get easier the older they get. It just gets harder in a different way. I have three kids, one is still little, and two are teens. My oldest will be eighteen this year which means I will have reached the goal of my parenting plan-she made it to adulthood! Yay me!!! But as she is so close to getting there, I realize I don’t find it any easier. In fact, it may be harder. I worry almost constantly about her future, what she’s doing (because she can drive and I don’t always have control over where she is and who she’s with) and a million other things you don’t have to worry about when they’re little. Anyway, I got off on a tangent but if you’re following along with my blog (which at this point is maybe one of you), you know that I do that, so you might as well get used to it.

Back to why I started journaling... I had a difficult time becoming a mother, my pregnancies were hard and they took a toll on my body and it took me years to bounce back. I also had a kid with both physical health and mental health issues that didn’t make my recovery easier, because unmanaged stress can do really crazy things to your body. So, on advice from my therapist, I started journaling to manage my stress. (Side note-therapy is amazing, and one of the best gifts one can give themselves-as a person with a lot of baggage, I 10 out of 10 recommend!)

Anyway, my journaling was mostly short notes about things that made my day hard. Sometimes inspirational quotes, positive affirmations, etc. I don’t know if many (if any) people knew I did this, but it was extremely helpful and the first time I felt a release while writing. I’m not complaining, that really isn’t in my nature, but if you want to know what my motivation or inspiration is, you have to know some of these things. And trust me, I know my story isn’t that unique. Honestly, I don’t think I know anyone-mother or not- who doesn’t have some kind of similar story. Life is just friggin' hard, and we are all just trying our best to trudge through it the best we can. Ok, so that took a really sad and depressing turn, but it is important to note because it led me to where I am.

So reeling that tangent back in–I guess I started writing because it’s cathartic. So what made me take the plunge into writing fictional romance novels? Honestly, it just seemed fun. Plus, I wanted to see if I could. I have said this before, but my first novel is very loosely based on the way I met my husband. The characters are not us, but they met the same way we did–on a night when his best friend was introducing him to me because said best friend was interested in me. That’s basically where the similarity ends, but like any good author, some of my characters are inspired by my life.

I have written four books in the stand alone series and all of the characters are unique, but I think if you examine certain elements of all my characters you could find a parallel to me and my husband. Of course I also think that’s probably how most authors write. In fact, I believe if you examine any two people in real life you could find enough parallel to make them seem connected. Wow, that was a weird round trip through my brain… Sorry about that!

Back to my inspiration… I love reading, I watch a ton of TV and listen to podcasts and music. I find learning so fulfilling. I want to know more, about anything, about everything!

So if you look at my Kindle library, you’ll see that I read a ton of romances, some murder mysteries and then a weird mix of self help, memoirs and other non fiction stuff (like parenting and cooking). If you look at my tv lineup, you’ll find a ton of cooking shows, sitcoms, movies, murder shows, and news. If you look at my podcast library, you’re going to see that I follow podcasts about writing, serial killers and famous people. Look at my music playlist, you’ll see that I do not choose a genre-I listen to oldies, country, pop, R&B, alternative, rock, etc.

What does all this mean? I guess it means I just feel inspired by so much, and I always want to learn new stuff, so I guess that answers the question about ‘why did I want to write?’ Because it’s something I wasn’t doing, and it seemed like something I could.

Also, I really think I just need constant stimulation or my brain runs in circles and I can’t quiet it. I’m sure there is some kind of diagnosis for that (likely ADHD), but I have accepted that it makes me the quirky, weirdo I am and those people in my life who love me, actually like that aspect of my personality. My husband says he finds it endearing…

Ok, so what did I say this post was about again? Does anyone remember?

Oh right, inspiration. What inspires me? My life and my experiences are the obvious ones. But also all the people, places and things around me. I feel like we are all students of life and if we aren’t learning, we are doing ourselves a disservice. Also, if we aren’t actively trying to make ourselves a better human, we're letting the world down. Ultimately, I think we should all–Always be learning and Always be Growing… That's a little bit simplistic probably, but I’ve said that before and I’ll probably say it again… I know I don’t know anything.

Ok, that’s not one hundred percent true, I know a lot of things, but what I mean is, I know a tiny fraction of whatever amount of knowledge is in the universe. My writing allows me to explore and think about things from new angles and examine the world for things I might not ordinarily explore otherwise. Plus, I am learning constantly about new places, people, professions, language conventions, business, marketing, and the list goes on and on. I guess what I’m saying is I write because it makes me a fuller person. It helps me discover things I’ve yet to unfold, plus it gives me an outlet to work out old/new feelings.

So here’s what it boils down to (and I want credit, I did manage to make it back around to the point)… My inspiration comes from my overwhelming desire to become a better human, and never stop learning.

So, after that crazy roundabout journey, I guess that’s it! That’s my two cents on inspiration- It can come from anywhere and you should always be looking for it!

Thanks for reading lovelies! Hope you have a great day!

-Rose Rayne Rivers

P.S. Are you an author or writer? If so, drop me a note (contact form, chat, DM my social accounts, etc.) and let me know what inspires you? I want to hear from you!


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