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My Two Cents on Irish Whiskey is going live!

“Holy fecking shite” my Lovelies, it's Sunday, and this week I have extra exciting blog news! Irish Whiskey is less than a week from going live!!! Only five more days until you get to meet the cocky, sexy Irishman that is Jameson, and the fiery, smart-mouthed pub owner, Sarah.

I'm so excited for you all to get to meet these two, I can't even explain. Their story is short (it’s a novella), but not for lack of intrigue. 

Jameson’s journey to America comes on the heels of some seriously scary shite and some extremely deep wounds. Beneath the surface of his handsome, confident demeanor, lie people and events from his past he’s trying to escape, and a host of internal struggles that make moving on difficult. He isn't looking to make friends, let alone lust after a woman who portrays herself as completely off-limits. But when Sarah stumbles into his life on his first night in town, he has trouble not imagining what at least a night with her would be like, and maybe even a lifetime of them.

Sarah’s past is holding on like a bad cough, which makes moving on virtually impossible. The common opinion is that she should do exactly what Jameson did--flee her life and never look back. But for her, the past is still very much present, which leaves her hanging on by her unmanicured fingernails, trying to make it through each day without falling apart. The last thing she needs or wants is a cocky Irishman to come into her bar, unabashedly hit on her, then start invading her dreams, but that’s exactly what Jameson does.

The chemistry between these two is palpable from the beginning, but can either of them really move past their hang-ups to give themselves permission to be happy? Only time will tell.

The side characters in this story are everything, and I really loved getting to know them, so I hope you will too! I also can’t wait for you to dive into the campy, run-down bar, Shenanigans, and the tiny town with a history of heartbreak, McClellanville.

ARC (Advanced Reader Copies) went out this weekend and I'm eagerly awaiting feedback from my early readers! 🫣😬 There’s still time for a few more reviewers to get ARCs, so if you want one, please fill out my ARC Request form 


Here's the official blurb:

How long is too long to hold onto somebody who's already gone? 

Sarah’s a small-town pub owner with enough emotional baggage to fill a 747—which is probably exactly what she should do. But tied down by chains from her past, she can't leave her pub, she can't leave her town, and most importantly, she can't leave her husband.

Jameson’s a blue-collar Irishman with a checkered past that sent him dodging bullets across the Atlantic. When guilt and secrets send him hurling toward the most remote place he can find, he’s determined to start a new life all on his own.

Until she stumbles in…


The plan is to publish the ebook on Friday, September 22. I say plan because, in true RRR fashion, I’m really pressing against the deadline! I have to upload the final copy by 9/18 (tomorrow) in order to schedule the release! But I think no matter what, the ebook will be ready and published by Friday (Sept 22), which coincidentally is the last day of summer, and my youngest daughter’s birthday! So I’m making it just under the wire for my original deadline (end of summer) and on a day that means a lot to me!

I plan to have this available on Kindle Unlimited (at least for the foreseeable future), so look for it for free (if you're a KU member) and for the extremely reasonable cost of $2.99 if you aren't!

Paperback copies will be released later in September or early October, but unfortunately, I don’t have an exact date yet. I’m still working on formatting and cover, and I want to order proof copies, so they will take a bit longer.

Be on the lookout for the cover reveal later this week! I think I will ultimately end up releasing 2 covers (an alternate discrete one and a less discrete one), because I made one of each and I just cannot decide which I love more... and you guys have been NO HELP! 😂 But just one will be available this week, so be on the lookout to see which makes the cut!

So that's all I have folks. I'm under the gun to get final edits done, so I won't keep spending time here!

Have a great week friends! 


-Rose Rayne Rivers

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