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My Two Cents on 2024—New Year, Same Me

Hello there my lovelies! It's Sunday, the first Sunday in 2024 and as promised, I'm taking a look forward at what I hope to accomplish in 2024 in My Two Cents on 2024—New Year, Same Me.

Because I looked at 2023 last week, I actually felt really motivated and started this blog post last week, but then, life happened. My day-job sunk in, the kids went back to school, and real life started to reach in and be hard again. So in the week since I felt so motivated about the new year, I've already fallen a little bit into old habits. I didn't finish scheduling this blog, and here I sit at 8am Sunday morning, frantically trying to finish my post while also dealing with all the trappings involved with being a mom of three extremely active kids (plus getting distracted by day-job problems, social media, and the million other squirl thoughts that pop into my brain).

The point of that rant isn't to complain. The point is to remind myself—and you—that goals for the year are meant to be motivating, not deflating. So they are what I said before, things I hope to accomplish, not things I should beat myself up for if I don't quite get there. Because life is real, and ultimately, writing is supposed to be fun. And while I hope to be a successful author, it's not my first priority, and that's okay.

That said, let's take a look forward to 2024:

2024 Blog goals:

So, my goal for the last two years has been one blog a week, and I've yet to reach it. Since I only fell a little short last year, I'm going to set my goal the same in 2024. One post a week, or 52. I also still concede that life happens, and I can't always get there, so my goal is to continue to give myself grace when I can't.

Last year, my goal was to have at least 5 guest bloggers. I smashed that goal with 7 different bloggers who posted 11 times. So this year my goal is to have at least one guest blog post per month, and welcome at least 5 new guest bloggers. I can also confirm that you'll see some of our favorites from 2023 again in 2024!

I have an, as yet, unspoken goal of supporting more indie authors in 2024. So I would love to see more review posts about indie books, or posts from indie authors about their books/near their release dates. I'm open to whatever that looks like to you; so, bonus content, a post about your journey to release date, a self review of the book, or just an extended description (like something you might write in a query). The point is,  if you'd like an opportunity to publish as a guest blogger, reach out!

Finally, I would love to plan ahead more. 9 out of 10 weeks I'm writing/finishing the blog post at 8am Sunday morning when it's supposed to go live at 10-11. So I have a goal this year of scheduling at least 10 of my posts and all of my guest blog posts. Total, that would be 22 of 52, which would make almost a third of my Sundays this year less hectic.

2024 friend/follower/subscriber goals:

Last year I didn't set too many follower goals, but I did hope to reach at least 150 subscribers to my newsletter/blog. I didn't quite make it there, but I think it's because I kinda gave up. This year, I don't really want to put a number on growing my network. It's really deflating when/if you don't reach the goal, so I would rather not do that to myself. Instead, I'm going to set actionable goals for how I could potentially earn more followers/subscribers.

First, I plan to offer more incentives (like bonus chapters and giveaways) for my subscribers/followers. So if you’re not already subscribed, please do it! I don’t spam people, and there are very few emails about my blog and in 2024 you'll get first access to new book releases, cover reveals and publishing.

Second, I hope to actually get better at scheduling/planning posts for social media so I don't feel stressed every day when I can't think of anything. I want to try to keep regularly posting on social media this year too. But I am also going to try to not beat myself up if I need to take a break. Marketing, planning content, and staying active on Bookstagram is really hard. So it's necessary sometimes to take a break.

Finally, as far as friends, I've said this already, but I hope to connect with/help more indie authors in 2024. Again, I'm not going to set a goal, but I can say from experience, having friends who are in the same spot as you, and relying on them to help you through all the menusia is SO helpful. I proved it this weekend by unloading a lot of my spinning onto people who can relate. And they gracefully listened and offered helpful advice. So if I can be that for you, I hope you'll reach out!

2024 Reading/Writing/Editing Goals:

In 2023, I didn't want to set too many goals that weren't achievable, and 2024 is no different. Here is where I hope to be though:

Editing/Writing: I want to edit my entire romance series. Some of them need more love than others, so this may be unachievable, I'm going to accept that right off the bat. But, book one in the series is in the final editing phase! 😬 I also have some bonus chapters that I really loved and had to cut that I hope to get ready for readers as bonus content. And I really want to finally finish my Vella series. I've been belaboring it, and I figured out a great ending, but got stuck on how to get there. So, 🤞I get a strike of inspiration soon!

Reading: In 2024 I really want to pick up my reading stats. In 2023 I didn't read nearly as many betas/Arcs as I’d hoped, but as I've already said, in 2024 I really want to support indie authors. So if you have a book that needs an ARC or beta, let me know. I want to help. I also have a couple loyal betas that are more than likely willing to help as well.

2024 Publishing Goals:

Last year I gave a long amount of stats on my querying journey in 2022. But in 2023 I pivoted sharply and decided to self-publish. I published a Vella story (Someone’s Always Watching), and a novella (Irish Whiskey).

In 2024 I hope to finish publishing the rest of the episodes of Someone’s Always Watching and release it as a paperback/ebook. I want to have that done by the end of the year, but Q1 is not the likeliest time, because my time is pretty slim.

Because, sometime in Q1-2024 I will announce a release date for book 1 of my romance series (The Nashville Singles). Book 1—The Cupcake Cowboy follows Kaytlyn and Blayke through their hurdles along their journey toward love. You should look for more info about this book really soon.

Outside of that, I want to start planning the release of my other 3 romance series books, and I want to start looking into audiobook production/publishing.

2024 Other goals:

In 2022, I set goals to start a website, blog and social media pages for my pen name, and post as often as possible on all three. In 2023, I kept up (for the most part) on all of those. In 2024, my goal is pretty much the same. Keep up with my website, and blog. But I also want to come up with new revenue streams (like my novella book boxes) and potentially research how to become an author in a more popular/established book box club. I also want to find out how/if I can get my books into my local small-town book club and book store.

I know I said I don't make resolutions, and that's true, but ultimately, setting goals and not achieving them is better than having no aspirations at all, in my opinion. 

So, my “resolution” this year (because my family always forces each other to make one), was to curb my negative inner thoughts. To stop focusing on the goals I fall short on and look at what I am accomplishing. I did that last week as I looked back at 2023. And sure, I mentioned the my shortcomings, because impossible not to see what goals you didn't accomplish when talking about what you did. But my goal for 2024 is to not only talk about giving myself grace, but to actually take steps to do that. And one way I'm doing that is by setting my goals loosely, so that I can less easily have things to focus on as negative.

So that's it my friends! That's My Two Cents on 2024-New Year, Same Me. I hope you'll see a lot from me in 2024, but if that's not possible, I know its going to be okay. Because I have family/friends who love and support me, and I know that I am enough, just as I am!

Lets have a great year friends!


-Rose Rayne Rivers

Comment below and tell me how you did on your 2023 goals? And what are your goals for 2024?

Also, let me know if you have any topics you want me to cover in the upcoming weeks!


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