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My Two Cents on Rose Rayne Rivers

Happy Sunday my lovelies! I cannot believe we're already in the last week of January! This month has been a crazy whirlwind for me, both in my personal life and my writing career. So in that vein, today I'm going to give you My Two Cents on Rose Rayne Rivers.

I'm going to catch you up on anything you might have missed recently, because I've been a busy, busy girl.

Cover/Blurb Reveal

First and foremost, if you aren't on Instagram, I posted the cover reveal of The Cupcake Cowboy! I think it's beautiful and I'm so glad it's out there, because I was really freaking out over it. I simultaneously released the blurb reveal, which is also below! 

What do you guys think about it? Did I need to be worried?

Preorders/Release Date

Also, the release date was announced on social media a few weeks ago, so if you missed that, it's March 22, 2024 (which just so happens to be my and my husband’s anniversary). In case you were unaware, this book is loosely based on our real-life romance, so this date felt very appropriate (and doable with where it is in the process)! And the preorder link for the eBook is now live! Order it on Amazon now!

Beyond that, I've been working through edits on The Cupcake Cowboy, as I plan to send out ARC copies by the end of next weekend (hopefully 🤞 —Did I mention my life has been crazy?😂). If you don't know/remember what an ARC is, it is an Advanced Reader Copy of a book. Authors send them out to early readers in hopes that people will write a review post (if they're social media reviewers) and leave a review on Amazon when the book is live. Anyway, if you haven't signed up for my ARC team, and you want a copy of the beautiful book above, make sure you do it here

I also started my very first Street Team! It's small but mighty right now, but they're all great & I think it's going to grow. I am welcoming bookstagrammers, authors, and friends alike to join my team! If you are bookish, join us to help hype The Cupcake Cowboy and any of your current reads/projects! Join here

I didn't manage to get guest blogger(s) signed up for January, but we have editor Lisa Fellinger coming up next Sunday! She was our February guest blogger in 2023, so if you haven't had a chance to read that post, make sure you go back and catch up here.

We have some more familiar favorites (and new friends) coming in the next few months, but there are still a few spots left throughout the year. So if you're interested in writing a book review, a short story, or anything else about editing, writing, or reading let me know! You can read more about what we’re looking for in my blog post My Two Cents on Guest Bloggers-Again and sign up in the google form to save the date you want.

Please note you don't have to have your post written to sign up, just make sure you fill out the form to save a date on the calendar. Also, if you want to write something but you're not sure what, please reach out for ideas, I'm willing to help you brainstorm!

I have a new page on my website that lists links to all my past monthly newsletters! If you want to be informed about all the goings on in my world and get access to tons of information the public doesn't yet know, sign up for my newsletter. Another HUGE reason you're going to want to be a subscriber is that there are tons of chances every year to be entered to win freebies (last year I gave away FREE books every month). PLUS you’ll get access to bonus content from The Cupcake Cowboy and Irish Whiskey in the coming months!

I honestly feel like there is so much more to talk about, but that's all I can come up with right now, and it's time for me to make this post, so I’ll end it there! Ultimately, there is a lot going on, but make no mistake, it's all exciting! That's my Two Cents on Rose Rayne Rivers (that's me!)

Also, because it's been a minute since I said this... If you are a bookstagrammer, author, editor, etc and you want to connect or be part of my circle, please reach out!


-Rose Rayne Rivers

Comment below and tell me whatever you want!!! Do you like my cover? Have you joined my team, etc.

Also, let me know if you have any topics you want me to cover in the upcoming weeks!


Amanda Brown
Amanda Brown
Jan 28

I absolutely love the cover. And I can’t wait to read this book

Replying to

Thank you 😍

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